Site-based Accounting Processes? FundTracker may be your solution!

  • If your school sites generate their own payable checks (and you wish to continue this practice)
  • If your school sites need to track activity balances outside the general ledger
  • If the general ledger detail does not provide sufficient data for advisors, coaches, and bookkeepers
  • If your school sites maintain their own bank accounts and reconcile these accounts
  • If your school sites manage their own purchase orders outside your G/L system

Simplify the Work of Your Bookkeepers with FundTracker

FundTracker provides school site locations the ability to track student activity funds and associated financial bank accounts.

Quickly track your site fund balances in real-time without using risky spreadsheets or duplicate entry.

Designed for consistency, simplicity, and speed to allow teachers, advisors, and non-accounting staff to manage and generate their own reports with ease while providing clean and meaningful data to bookkeepers, staff, and administrators.

FundTracker is your mini-General Ledger for School Sites.

  • Unlimited bank account management
  • Journal entry support for budget allocations and other adjustments
  • Fund and activity balance reporting
  • Detailed transactional reporting
  • Purchasing/encumbrance support
  • Cash disbursement
  • Maintain Budget control
  • And much, much more!