Student Store

Unlock Student Potential and Sell Online or in the Buildings!

Teach students applicable business processes from perpetual inventory management and purchasing, to cash balancing and customer service in a FUN and PROFITABLE learning environment.

Complex enough to comply with district audit requirements.

Simple enough to teach student business applications during restrictive class periods.

Student Store Module Highlights
  • Provides real-world business experience for students
  • Maintains perpetual inventory
  • Complies with district requirements for students
  • Cashier and manager security
  • Gross margin profit reports based on cashiers’ sales or consolidated for date-range reporting
  • Easy implementation and support
  • Scanning Option for speed and accuracy
  • Integrated credit card
  • Online eCommerce option
  • Developed based on years of experience in the private sector in IBM grocery and retail systems, modified for ease of use yet still a comprehensive system
Richland School District Logo

"We use the Student Store Point of Sale Module to teach students 'real-world' skills and have 'real-world' experiences. Having to be responsible and take ownership of cashiering on a real point of sale, counting money, and balancing a till at the end of a shift teaches students to be accountable for inventory, buying the right products, and customer service."

Kari Weinman
Richland High School